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♔Totally Proud Of My Convents . Pffft :D♔
Wednesday, March 21, 2012 | 7:06 AM | 0 love drops
taktau pulak ada birthday . anyway , HB :)
okay . bukan la aku yg ambik .
tapi kan memang nervous jugak lah kan kalau pasai results2 ni.
aku pulak yang takut.
but , our school , Convent , is the best school in Kedah :D
know what , pengarah pelajaran , ppd , wartawan tv3 , rtm and others
mai kat Convent . temuramah and others lah kan .
she gots straight A+ :)
tambah2 our seniors , yg paling top LCF jasmine :)
she gets straights a's plus
dia ni atas pentas lagi dah ada temuramah ^.^ awesome right :)
and aku dengar la cikgu sembang2 dia dapat 7 subject 100%
and I was like :O what what what ? gorgeous . awesome . 
okay then , form three semua keluar kelas . sibuk p temuramah .
including me . hoho . and we all congrats to she and others :))
Awesome gila . You should see it . pffft :D

best students :D congratulations to all of you ^.^

Hearts, nurul ...e2 sayaa

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