Hey , Sufieha’s heree, Assalamualaikum and Hye everybody ☺ Welcome to be here ♥ . So, hows life ? aha  do whatever that you want to do , as long as you can :p wahaha~ okay, going to face PMR this year and still online, online, online, and whatever. I do like facebooking and blogwalking without feeling tired as studying , HAHA! Sad and happy do come and go, fly and swim, jog and run, wahahaha~ okay, like to friends with anyone, and my new interest is all about the ♪ piano ♫ and everything that associated with it but still don't get it. And that I'll make sure that I will get it :p wahahah~ Love my best friends as long as I live , Hahahhaha . and I love all people that know me , yeah including you ♥ . Lots Of Love , Sufieha ♥
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♔Tips for your maths paper :p♔
Thursday, October 11, 2012 | 10:13 PM | 0 love drops
Assalamualaikum guys :) 
rasanya dah betaun tak update, hehe
yeahh 2 more papers to go :D
KH and Mathss ,
btw, gudluck to all PMR CANDIDATES,
buat lek lok,
tambah2 kh n maths,
ada banyak masa yeah..
my tips ,
masuk dewan dengan senyuman ,
confirm la paper tu pun akan senyum dekat kita ,
muehehe :p
untuk sesiapa yg berumur sama dengan aku,
I;ve some tips for your maths paper.. jeng3

okay lahh, semoga tips di atas membantu you all ,
and thanks sangat2 to all wishers :)
I do my best, Insyaallah :)
goodluck again :)
PMR 2012 :)

Hearts, nurul ...e2 sayaa

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